It is important for Rhode Island Jews to have a place to remember where they came from. Origins in genealogy take the Jewish people of Rhode Island across the sea. Some are from Poland, some from Germany, some are from what is now known as Israel, and yet others are from lesser known places such as Venice, Italy. Although you might not think that many Jews hailed from Italy, there are a great deal of Jews now living on Rhode Island who are of Italian descent. The Jewish people are an ancient people and often times in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is easy to forget where you came from. The Rhode Island Jewish Historical Association is here to make certain that Jews from across Rhode Island can share their stories, family pictures and lives for future generations to enjoy.

As time passes, so stories evolve. Life is like a game of telephone. Do you remember playing telephone as a child? One person would begin with a phrase and pass it on to the next and by the time that phrase reached the very last person, it was completely changed in meaning and a laugh was had by all. Unfortunately, much of what we know about our elders isn’t properly written down, so as to be referenced at a later date. It’s all on tape. Our archives house over 400 different tapes just waiting to be put on CD for future generations to cherish. Imagine your great grandchild being able to hear your voice and feel your emotions. What a gift we are giving to our future generations. The Rhode Island Jewish Historical Association wants to archive as much as we can about our people. If you have family photos or stories that you want to have preserved for the future, please give us a call. Your donations of pictures and artifacts are greatly appreciated and will be valued by generations of children in the future.

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